Sunday, October 28, 2012

REVIEW: Saga #1-#6 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

WOW! That's all I have to say after reading Saga #1-#6. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples made me enjoy reading a comics again.

I've been a long time DC and Marvel comics fan and lately I'm getting tired of all the pointless reboots and endless crossovers and confusing storylines that are happening with the Big Two. I've been a Batman and X-Men fan since I was a kid and lately, I'm no longer hooked with the storylines. I was really excited with the New 52 and the relaunch of the X-Men but after all was said and done, it was just a big disappointment for me. I could never recapture the magic that I felt while reading these comics years ago.

I need to read something new, something different. So I started to check out other comics and the first thing that caught my attention was Saga. After reading the first issue, I was instantly hooked. I could not stop reading till issue six. It was just that good. I never had this much fun reading a comic book. Brian K. Vaughan is at the top of his game here. His ideas are unique and fresh and I can't wait for more. This, combined with Fiona Staples' red-hot art truly elevates the quality of this book.

Saga is the story of Hazel, who is narrating the story from a future point in time. She was relating the events leading up to her birth and how her parents, Marko and Alana, tried to escape the planet Cleave after evading Freelancers working for Wreath and winged soldiers from Landfall. BTW, Landfall is the largest planet in the galaxy while Wreath is its one and only moon and they are not getting along well. Marko and ? are not unlike Romeo and Juliet. They are members of warring factions from Wreath and Landfall, respectively,  and both sides are not happy with their union, most particularly with their newborn child.

Just one of the humorous moments
This comics is highly recommended for both SF and Fantasy fans since both genres feature well in the story. Marko's home planet moon,Wreath, is more on the Fantasy side while Landfall, Alana's home planet, is more on the SF side. It has humor, excitement, action, suspense, everything.

I can't wait when issue seven is finally released. Thanks Brian and Fiona for helping me rediscover the joy of reading comics!

Monday, March 5, 2012

DAVID FINCH! 'Nuff said...

I first caught sight of David Finch's art during his New Avengers run. I was immediately impressed! Then I continued to be impressed by his work on Moon Knight and more recently The Dark Knight.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that David Finch is coming over to Manila courtesy of Fully Booked. Wow, first it was Neil Gaiman, then Nicholas Sparks (I'm not a big fan but still, he is a big name author), then now David Finch. I know that I would not be able to attend the event since Mar. 11th is a Sunday and the 12th and 13th are weekdays but I'm still glad to know that famous authors and artists are taking notice and visiting the Philippines. Who's next? Stephen King perhaps... :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Latest Haul from Book Sale: Another addition to my Dune collection plus a Historical Novel

Last Monday, Feb. 27th, I was able to buy another book to add to my growing collection of Dune novels. The book was Heretics of Dune at the irresistible price of P30.

Upon further browsing, I discovered a biographical novel of one of my favorites artists of all time, Michelangelo.  This book is The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone. Here are some info about the author from
Irving Stone was born in San Francisco on July 14, 1903. He wrote several books in a genre that he coined the “biographical novel,” which recounted the lives of well-known historical figures. In these novels, Stone interspersed biography with fictional narrative on the psychology and private lives of his subjects. He also wrote biographies of Clarence Darrow and Earl Warren, and short biographies of men who lost presidential elections. He died on August 26, 1989.
The Agony and the Ecstasy got a very high 4 plus rating at and most of the reviews there are positive. I haven't read any biographical novel and I am hoping that this book would be my first. I just need more time to squeeze in my reading since my reading time has been reduced to nil ever since I stopped riding on the MRT.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Latest Haul from Book Sale: A Coffee Table Book, a Batman: Year One TPB plus Dune & Star Trek books

I just got the best bargain of all from Book Sale last night. I was able to buy Batman: Year One TPB, one of the most critically-acclaimed Batman stories of all time, for only P130 at Book Sale. WOW! Unbelievable, yes! That's what I enjoy the most about Book Sale. The pure joy of discovery! I came in not knowing what to buy but I came out with treasures in my hand! This Book Geek is one happy person :)

Actually, I came into Book Sale twice last night. The first time I was there I discovered a beautiful and inspiring coffee table book called Adirondack Moments with pictures by James Kraus. Being also an amateur photographer, I was quickly inspired and captivated by the wonderful photographs and captions inside the book. I did not know where Adirondack was but after browsing the photographs, I want to know where it is and having this excellent coffee table book is the next best thing. And for only P90, I did not think twice about buying it.

Upon digging in the bargain shelves, I chanced upon two pocketbooks of two series that I am currently collecting. The first was House Harkonnen.  This was my sixth book in my ever-expanding collection of Dune novels. The other was book I found was the fifth entry of the Star Trek New Frontier series of books by Peter David. I already have books 1-4, 7, 9 and 10 in this series set in the Star Trek universe.

When I was about to pay for these books, I noticed a copy of Batman: Year One TPB near the cashier. I didn't pay much attention since I was thinking that it might cost around P300 to P400 and I'm already out of cash. But I did check it out, being a big Batman fan that I am, while the cashier took my payment and I was surprised to discover that the TPB costs only P130. So I immediately requested the cashier if she could keep it for me for awhile while I withdraw some money and promised to come back later to buy it.

So that's it! The story of one of my most valuable hauls from Book Sale. Till next time! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Farewell to NBS: TechnoHub :(

I mourn this loss...
It was time for my snack break and usually before going to my favorite place I first stop by at National Book Store. After a long December vacation I was excited to head back to the branch near our office. NBS has been close to my heart since I was a kid. Proudly, "laking National", so to speak! So imagine my heartbreak when this scene greeted me. Words alone cannot describe what I felt...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just read Justice League #1-#3 and Detective Comics #1-4

Last Sunday, I slowly unwrapped my LBC packages from Comicx Hub. I've already ordered three sets of comics from Comicx Hub but due to my busy schedule I was unable to open and read them. I even took pictures of the package as I open them. Talk about being geeky! But hey, it was almost more than 20 years ago since I've handled a print version of a comics so forgive me for acting like this :)

I was really impressed with the direction Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are taking the Justice League. It was a little slow but I knew that it would pay off at the end. I can't wait for issue #4 where a meaner-looking Aquaman will finally be able to strut his stuff. And it's about time that Aquaman becomes a major player, instead of being the butt of jokes in Big Bang Theory.

On the other hand, I was a little disappointed with Detective Comics. The first two issues were excellent in setting up Dollmaker. But issues #3 and #4 felt a little weak for me. Anyway, I still had high hopes for this title.

Overall, I was really satisfied with my comics that I tweeted the message below:

I still have the Regenesis package left and I'm already excited at the thought of opening and reading the comics contained therein.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#NowReading Dune by Frank Herbert

Now I'm ready to delve into a science fiction masterpiece, Dune. Now, on to Arrakis!

From the official site:
Frank Herbert's Dune series is one of the grandest epics in the annals of imaginative literature. Selling millions of copies worldwide, it is science fiction's answer to The Lord of the Rings, a brilliantly imaginative epic of high adventure, unforgettable characters, and immense scope.
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